The Firm has been instrumental in assisting many foreign firms establish agencies and distribution agreements in Kuwait. Experienced ARALF attorneys negotiate, draft and review agency and distribution agreements and, when necessary, have successfully represented many clients in litigation stemming from such agreements.

Appointment of an Agent in Kuwait

Article 24 of Commercial law of Kuwait confirms that, a foreigner cannot enter into business in Kuwait without a Kuwaiti partner. There are three types of commercial agencies;

  • Contracts proxy (Article 271 of the Kuwaiti Commercial Code).
  • Distributorship (Article 286 of the Kuwait Commercial Code).
  • Commission agency (Articles 287 -296 of the Commercial Code.)
  • Commercial Representative (Articles 297 – 305 of the Commercial Code)

Procedures and requirements

The investor must enter into an agency contract and get it registered from the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Commerce. The application must be accompanied by official true copy of the Agency contract and the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Kuwaiti Company. It may take maximum of 15 days to register the Agency Contract.