ABDULRAZZAQ ABDULLAH & PARTNERS LAW FIRM signed Legal Service Agreement and announced to provide a broad-spectrum of legal services to the KOREAN COMMUNITY, Kuwait.

The Legal Service Agreement was signed on August 18, 2013 at the ARALF office, by the Chairman of the Korean Community in Kuwait, Mr. Hyun Sup Shim and Mr. Abdulrazzaq Abdullah, Managing Director of ARALF Law firm. Mr. Chung Seop – Director Public Relation, Mr. Lee, Mr. Choon Seop – Director Local Business, Mr. Kang, Mr. Dong Jin – Director Youth Promotion are the other members of the Korean Community, Kuwait who attended the event. The lawyers and legal consultants of the ARALF law firm were also present.

Mr. Hyun Sup Shim commented during the meeting that due to the cultural differences and language barrier the Korean citizens living or doing business in Kuwait face a lot of legal challenges and that is the reason why they chose a local law firm to represent their community and its members. “It gives a reassurance to all the Koreans in Kuwait”, he said.

Mr. Abdulrazzaq emphasized that, ignorance of local laws and regulations is the reason why the foreign nationals are susceptible to exploitation in a foreign country. “Lack of proper legal support is estimated to result in significant loss while doing business in Kuwait”, he added.

Under the terms of the agreement, ARALF agreed to provide legal services to the Korean nationals and companies in Kuwait. This partnership demonstrates the broad applicability of the legal platform and the ability of the ARALF team to render wide range of legal services.

About Korean Community, KuwaitKorean Community, Kuwait is an association of Korean nationals residing in Kuwait. It focuses on providing local support to the Korean citizens living in Kuwait. It is well organized and is headed by eminent and experienced Korean nationals.

About ARALF Law Firm,ARALF is an established law firm in Kuwait serving clients for the last 41 years. ARALF assists in all sorts of commercial, civil and criminal proceedings, before all levels of Kuwaiti Courts.

Posted on 22/12/2015 by Special Correspondent