The firm’s experience in the aviation sector includes virtually every aspect of the industry. Issues related to the leasing and charter of aircraft, inter-airline agreements, contracts and even customer service complaints have all been handled by aviation experts.

The Aviation law of Kuwait though still nascent is growing steadily. Law No 30 of 1960 or the Kuwait Civil Air Navigation Regulations enacted by the Amiri Decree regulates the aviation industry. The said law covers all the major aspects of supervision of aviation activities and the ICAO Standards are therefore binding on all the users. Moreover, Kuwait has ratified the Chicago Convention and the DGCA is an autonomous body constituted by the Amiri Decree to regulate all aviation activities. New regulations and procedures with regards to licensing activities, including the issuance and renewal of flight crew licenses, certification of aviation schools, and allotment of aviation medical examiners is promulgated by the DGCA

The Maritime practice is equal broad, including the resolution of charter disputes, maritime insurance claims, ship sales, purchasing and financing. The Maritime law No28 of 1980 was promulgated for the effective administration of the Kuwait marine related disputes. Moreover, the proliferation of the Kuwaiti laws paved way for the enactment of maritime laws of Oman, Qatar, U.A.E and Bahrain. The ship owner/carrier sailing in the oceans of the G.C.C. therefore face similar treatment and their rights and liabilities would be determined more or less on a similar basis, irrespective of the place of jurisdiction they fall to be adjudicated.