The State of Kuwait which is located to the North-West of the Arabian Gulf has Iraq on its North-West border. Kuwait is a safe place to do business in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Central Asia and is considered to be a hub to the Arab world. The vicinity of the country offers far-fetched opportunities for overseas companies.

For the developers and corporate giants who wish to establish their presence in the Middle Eastern region ARALF, Law Firm Kuwait lend a hand. It demands high level of proficiency and legal expertise to explain the intricacies of Middle Eastern laws and only a lawyer who is experienced and well versed in the local laws can render expert advice on this.  With a wide network of lawyers around the Middle East and experienced in-house lawyers ARALF render legal assistance to foreign companies in formulating strategic business plans and in negotiating commercial transactions.

With an end in view of assisting people who are interested in doing business in Iraq and to those who are involved in various reconstruction projects in Iraq the firm act as a gateway. ARALF provides the service of well experienced lawyers through liaison with lawyers in Iraq.