Three decades of experience which the firm possesses gives an intimate understanding of the local market. Due to this reason and because of an extensive client base both within and outside Kuwait ARALF is able to advice existing clients and prospective clients about the legal aspects of setting up business in Kuwait. To be precise, the legal services which the firm renders encompasses all major areas of law and is therefore qualified to assist its clients on legal issues they are likely to encounter in Kuwait. The firm’s work indicates a longstanding commitment to client satisfaction, and an unparalleled dedication in the field of service.

The firm specializes in Corporate and Commercial, International Banking and Finance, Islamic Finance, Franchising, Construction, Securities, Taxation, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, Capital Markets, Intellectual Property, Government Contracts, Foreign Investment, Real Estate, Insurance, Maritime and Shipping, International Trade, Oil and Gas, Projects and Privatization, Agencies and Distributorships, Private Client Services, Offset, Mergers and Acquisition.

Supported by experienced lawyers and external consultants from diverse backgrounds, Law firm caters to the areas of private client work, commerce and industry. The Firm has been successfully providing legal services and advice to Arabic, French and English speaking international clients. The law Firm offers a number of advantages which includes an intimate understanding of the legal environment, the market, governing laws and customs. The international department of the firm serves as a focal point for those who wish to invest or trade in Kuwait. Through effective and timely interventions the firm’s international clientele are at ease when encountered with a legal issue and the rules of Kuwait are made transparent to them.