The legal system as well as the geographical position of Kuwait is well suited to meet the needs of people doing business in Kuwait. Article 29 of Kuwait constitution defines that ‘All people are equal in human dignity and in public rights and duties before the law, without distinction as to race, origin, language or religion’.  The State of Kuwait is located to the North-West of the Arabian Gulf. Arabian Gulf lie on its East, South and South-West is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the North and North-West is Iraq. Kuwait is strategically located within reach of major consumer markets of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Central Asia and is considered to be a hub to the Arab world.

Kuwait follows a noninterventionist commercial policy. The Customs Duties are minimal; the rate is just 5% on the C.I.F. cost on almost all imports. Fresh vegetables, fruits, livestock and such items are exempted from the Customs Duties. No restrictions are there in Kuwait regarding quality or quantity except that the imported goods should match Kuwaiti standards (Halal). Besides, there are neither restrictions on foreign exchange transactions nor any ban on trade with other countries except Israel.

Official tenders issued by Government Departments and Ministries, Oil Companies and Joint-Stock companies are open to all Kuwaiti Contractors and Contracting Companies who are members of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.