“The business of the law is to make sense of the confusion . . . to reduce it to order, but at the same time give it possibility, scope, even dignity.”

Archibald Macleish

20th Century American Poet

Macleish’s quote is more than just a collection of pretty words.  For us, it is definition of what we must do for every client, on every project.

We listen to our clients, getting both the details of a single action and the bigger picture. Because the firm’s integrity is beyond question, clients are confident they can share information with us without risking a breach of confidentiality or betrayal of trust.

This allows our team to not only create order, but to approach matters from a broader, possibly more innovative perspective. At Abdul Razzaq & Partners, our expertise extends beyond the courtroom to the boardroom. We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses, not just their legal problems.

When applicable, we find solutions and opportunities that not only resolve the matter at hand, but also lay the foundation for future activities. This approach saves the client money; it also saves clients something far more valuable time.