The firm’s international and local practice is under the patronage of Mr. Abdul Razzaq Abdullah, the Managing Partner of the firm. Led by Abdul Razzaq Abdullah, Abdul Razzaq & Partners team has enormous experience in local, regional and international law. With almost a dozen highly trained legal professionals in-house, the Kuwaiti law firm boasts attorneys educated on three continents, at ten different law schools. The team encompasses proficient and experienced in-house lawyers and external legal advisors from around the world who are well versed in the Middle Eastern, Sharia (Islamic law) and International laws. More important for the clients, the diversity of attorneys is replicated in their specializations. The firm includes specialists in commercial law, administrative law, investment law, corporate law, civil law, personal affairs law, and technology/intellectual property law.

In addition, the multi-cultural make up of the firm and the broad international experience of the attorneys means that ARALF clients get to work with people who speak their language, literally and figuratively. This is critical, as success and client satisfaction stem directly from the ability of the attorneys and the clients to work together in a timely and efficient manner.

Abdul Razzaq Abdullah

Fatemah Safar

Mansour AlFadhli

Twinkle Chacko

Ahmad Eleila

Waled Ebrahim

Magde Ebrahim

Ahmad Hasan

Yasser Sabri

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