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Consultation and Legal advice

Assistance in business formulation, legalize, expansion and restructure.

Dispute Resolution

Experienced in Kuwaiti and international dispute resolution.


Avail the option of seizure, sequestration, and apprehension.


Alternative dispute resolution, mediation & reconciliation.

Debt Collections

Judicial warning to debtor, lawsuit, and precautionary measures.

Litigation Resolution

Local and International Litigations, Arbitrations and Mediation.

Law Firm Kuwait

Firm's Motto

"ARALF's' perseverance is to provide expert legal advice at a reasonable cost with the end in view of attaining the confidence of clients".

Aim & Objective

ARALF ensures high quality services to the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

Firm's Strategy

The business models work in tandem as the solid epitome for the firm's strategic vision:

- Firm's Exclusivity
- Easy Accessibility
- Best in class Support.

Levy of Interest – The Economic Rationale and Implications under Civil and commercial Laws of Kuwait

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The rule of imprisonment of the debtor

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An overview of privatisation in kuwait economy

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