Majority of the people are still confused about the extent to which lawyers can support them in their legal requirements. The role of the lawyer is not confined to litigation or presentation of a case before the Court, as many believe. Lawyers have several important functions to perform, in connection with their clients’ problems.

In many cases, the person seeking legal remedy may not be able to communicate his point of view in an easily apprehensible manner. On the other hand, a lawyer will always adopt a strategy of revealing the truth in accordance to sound legal principles. A lawyer would approach a case in an organized manner adopting a scientific and legal approach. Lawyers always suggest in his initial advice to the client, concerning a dispute, whether it is in the best interest of the client to approach the court or seek alternative dispute resolution and what substantive rights will govern if the case goes to trial. He also guides about the concerned provision of law and underlying principle which the court may adopt from time to time. Moreover, Lawyers would advise their clients about the advantages, disadvantages and strategies of mediation as an alternative remedy for dispute resolution. Following mediation, if found necessary, lawyers may act as mediators, assist in reaching on and in executing the settlement agreement through the appropriate court of law or through the execution department.

To be precise, the lawyer’s role is to organize a legal issue by applying the relevant provisions of law and theories in such a way as to reach an amicable solution, thereby ensuring that the rights of the clients are protected and hence it can aptly said that a lawyer’s job is multifarious.